We offer a comprehensive range of pet care services. From dogs to rabbits, we’ve got you covered.

Day Care 

At Perfeq Pets we believe in the power of play! A day in daycare is like doggy heaven. Dogs are picked up from home, taken for a walk and then brought into daycare by 10am. We have a main playpen where dogs love running around with their friends. Games, obstacle courses, enrichment toys and our team keep your dog busy and having fun all morning.

Perfeq Pets daycare is unique! Your dogs always receive one-on-one training in our learning zones. We teach obedience, doggy yoga, run obstacle courses, and do scent work (and more!). Our training is always varied so your dog doesn’t get bored. If there is a particular area you’d like us to work on with your dog we will happily incorporate that into their day. We aim to send home a better-behaved dog than the one that came to us!

Our dedicated quiet zone allows tired dogs to chill out on the sofa or in the beach huts while they watch others play. Dogs are then dropped home after 12:30 pm, tired and happy. We also offer full day daycare if required, full day dogs get even more play and even more walking!

If you are interested in daycare just send us a message to book your free pre-service consultation or ask us any questions you have! Visits to the daycare can be organised by appointment.

£19 – half day / £29 – full day

Dog Walking

Group walks are an amazing chance for some positive and rewarding socialisation with carefully selected dogs to match your own dog’s character. Dogs are picked up from their homes and returned happy after a fun filled walk with their pals.

Our walks are more than just a walk in the park! We have a wide range of locations that we use for our walks so that your dog doesn’t have to go to the same place over and over. There’s lots of chance for exploring, sniffing new smells and seeing new things.

Group walks are a great option if you’re out at work, busy running errands or it’s just too rainy – we walk whatever the weather, provided your dog is happy, so that you don’t have to! 

If your dog could benefit from some more one-on-one time with one of our experienced walkers then solo walks can also be arranged.


If you’d like to book your pre-service consultation or want to know more, send us a message.

£12 – group walk

Cat Care

Cat care is one of our more popular pet care services. This allows your cat to stay comfortably in its own home while you are away. They will still get the food, water (and fuss!) they need. Litter tray cleaning, washing bowls and any other service you need can be provided.

Daily visits to your home are a perfect alternative to cattery boarding.  Cats in particular are known to be least stressed in their own surroundings and do much better staying in the place they know best.

Send us a message to discuss your requirements!

£8-12 depending on location

Small Animal Care

Dogs, cats, ferrets, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chickens, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians – we’ve got you covered! If you’re going to be away and need someone to drop in, we offer professional pet care for all kinds of animals.

Whether it’s your dog that needs a toilet break during the day while you are out at work, or your lizard needs feeding while you’re on holiday, we can do it. With experience caring for a wide range of animals we are sure we’ll be able to offer a service that suits you.

Just let us know what your requirements are by sending a message!

£8-12 depending on location

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