Day Care with a Difference

Perfeq Pets day care is like a day in dog play school!

Through one to one training, varied enrichment activities, monitored group play and rewarding socialisation, we aim to send your dog home happier and better behaved than when they came to us.

Our team of dog trainers and pet carers work hard to ensure your dog has the best day out.

Give Your Dog a Treat

Book your free pre-service consultation – just send us a message or give us a call. We’d love to meet you and your dog!
We pick your dog up from home

We start our morning pick ups from 8:30am. 

There’s no need to be in – we can use a spare key. 

Our vans are kitted out with secure crates to ensure your dog travels in comfort and safety.

Start the day with a big walk

First things first – we take all the dogs on a group walk exploring the local countryside.

Our morning walks are always great fun as the dogs are full of energy and excited to meet up with their friends again!

Head back to day care to play

By 10:00am we will be back at day care – ready to start a jam-packed day of play and learning.

We separate dogs based on personality into play groups. This allows some really positive and rewarding socialisation playing with their friends.

Our adoring team are on hand to supervise, play and do some group training too!

Morning class

At 10:30am we start our morning class.

Whilst the rest of the group continue to play, dogs are called into the training pens for some one-on-one tuition.

We have an ever expanding selection of equipment and lots of ideas for some mentally stimulating training. This usually tires the dogs out more than an hour of running!

Dog yoga, obstacle courses, canine conditioning, obedience – we do it all.

We can also work on any specific behavioural training at your request.

Time to chill out

At 12:30pm we have a scheduled down time. 

We give dogs chews, enrichment toys and food puzzles, perform canine massage and Tellington TTouch, and of course give those all important cuddles on the couch.

This is a great way of teaching dogs to be calm even in an exciting environment – and gives them a chance to recharge!

Afternoon Class

We return dogs to their play groups at 1:30pm and start our afternoon classes.

We’ll perfect our work from the morning and do some new things too.

This is a great time for games of hide and seek and some scent-work. These activities have huge benefits for dogs, and they love it!


Home time

From 3:30pm we’ll start returning dogs home, tired and happy after their day at dog school.

You’ll be able to catch up on what the dogs have been up to throughout the day, with pictures and videos posted to our private members Facebook group.


Discount available for 2 or more dogs from the same household.

Discount available if you arrange your own pick-up and drop-off.

Join the Pack!