If there’s a doggy heaven, we’re pretty sure it would be a lot like this!

Dogs are amazing, aren’t they? Where else can you find an animal that’s so devoted, loyal and faithful, and so full of personality that you just love ‘em?

We reckon they’re brilliant too!

It’s why we created our Canine Adventure Centre to deliver a fantastic, fun packed day full of structured play, stimulating games, and adventure, and of course lots of other doggy friends to play with too.

We all know dog’s love treats. That’s why giving them a day at our Canine Adventure

Center is one of the best ideas you’ve ever had!


Half a day £19

Full day £29

Group Walk £12

Two dogs from the same house:

Half a day £32

Full day £45

Group Walk £17

If you’d like to come visit us, please give us a call or book an appointment in advance.

This helps us keep the dogs calm and not interrupt their adventure time!

Perfeq Pets Canine Adventure Centre

“The next best thing to doggy heaven”

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