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About Us

Linda Hams, Dip CABC

I love animals! Which is just as well really, since I’ve spent over 30 years working with them!

After qualifying as an animal behaviour counsellor I ran a behaviour counselling business for over ten years dealing with a wide range of behaviour problems in a variety of species including dogs, horses, cats and rabbits.

I’ve competed in agility and obedience, worked with Guide dogs and Dogs for the Disabled including developing the apprentice and dog training programme for Dogs for the Disabled. I have also run my own dog training club for over 5 years.

My time is split between walking dogs, training with my own dogs Logi and Sonic, looking after my cat Jasmine and riding my horse Merlin!



This little whippet takes the lead out on dog walks! Despite feeling the cold he loves to walk in all weather (except perhaps torrential rain) and is a real hit with the ladies. Sonic is competing in scentwork trials and hoopers all whilst working everyday for Perfeq Pets.


Logi is the cute young pup still yet to prove himself in the business.

He recently had his first class at dog school and is destined for great things!



I’ve always loved working with animals and have been doing so for as long as I can remember. I’ve worked in farms, veterinary practices and animal rescue centres with all sorts of furry (and feathered and scaly) pets.

I hold a first-class BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Manchester, performed a year-long study on tree frog behaviour in the Ecuadorian Amazon and published a science media project on canine domestication. I am currently studying for an advanced diploma in canine behaviour management.

I love Perfeq Pets because dog training and canine behaviour is my main passion. My focus is on developing optimistic and engaged dogs through training and play. Seeing dogs grow in confidence and their behaviour improve is the biggest highlight of my job!

My own dog Alex is an 11 years young lively terrier. He is my best pal and the dog that ignited my interest in canine behaviour. His main passions are parkour, agility and barking! He will do anything for a treat.




I adore animals, so working with them is possibly the best career I could ever have!

I joined Linda in January 2018 after a trial training session with her wonderful boy Finn and have loved every second at Perfeq Pets since!

I love all of the dogs and enjoy training them and watching them grow individually. It’s very rewarding knowing we all make such a difference to them.

Learning about dogs and their behaviour has been fascinating and has taught me a lot when it comes to caring for my own dog Bertie. He is an 18 month old retriever who is simply crazy and loving!

I soon learnt how to clip claws (my first “client” being the bosses dog Sonic!) which began my love for grooming. I am honoured to be a certified Canine First Aider and I completed an 8 week novice dog training course in March 2019. 



From family pets and country walks to strawberry picking and trips to Wood Green – nature and animals have always been a huge part of my life. 

The bulk of my work life has been in retail but the last few years has swung heavily towards working with animals. 

At home we have a marine aquarium with all manner of magical wonders! My son has a gecko and I have a very special chameleon called Norman. We have two family pups, Arlo and Dotty – a sprocker and a cocker spaniel.

Over the years there aren’t many species of pet  I haven’t had experience with and I love learning about their quirks, characteristics and needs. 

Working with the dogs at Perfeq Pets day care has truly opened up my heart to the many different breeds and characters and I really enjoy training and playing with all of them!


I get to spend Friday mornings at Perfeq Pets Day Care catching up with the Friday dogs. Some are more chatty than others but they all have something to say and they all have their special ways of grabbing our attention and making us laugh! 

Having joined Linda on walks over the years, and now as a regular weekly delight, I have realised that there is an awful lot to learn about dogs, and every week I learn something new.

One of the great things about working in the Day Care is discovering for myself how different each dog is and getting to understand what makes each one tick. Oh, and those cuddles that are an essential part of the job! 

My own dog Rufus is a large labradoodle and he has been walking with Linda for more than eight years. He still gets very excited when he hears the van approaching, as he loves the great outdoors (whatever the weather) and spending time with his friends.

I also take Rufus out and about exploring the local area, and meeting fabulous fellow dogs and their owners! Rufus sometimes gets to spend time in Day Care too, where he is always up for whatever exciting activity is going on.

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