Now the government has announced that we have 3 more weeks of social distancing / lockdown, it’s time to think about how we ensure our dogs will cope without us when we return to work.

This is most especially important for dogs that have a tendency toward having separation related problems anyway. Your dog has likely spent the last 3 weeks adapting to you being with them for most of the day. By now they have probably decided that its great fun having their human to play with whenever they wake up from a nap.

So, what do we do to build a strong foundation for the future? Firstly, we need to take a small step back and try and find time to be separate from your dog. Put them in their usual place when you go out for a short shopping trip – nip out for some milk, initially making it quick. You could even just pop out into the garden, or to a different room of the house.

You can gradually build this time up so you can go for a couple of hours.

One of the general rules of thumb with separation issues is if your dog can’t be left in one room (unable to follow you) without getting upset then he cannot be left while you go out.

You may need to start very gradually firstly by not allowing him to follow you into the bathroom and building up to that quick trip out…

Don’t despair though – if they were fine before the lockdown, then they will be fine again. Your dog may protest a bit at first, but at least that means he enjoys having you home, and he will soon get used to you going back to work.  Just make sure you get them used to the idea gradually over the next 3 weeks to ensure for an easy transition when this is all over!

If you’re struggling please feel free to get in touch and we’ll do the best that we can to come up with some strategies to prepare your dog for your return to work.