We’ve had a fantastic month and although we haven’t posted a lot, there’s been so much going on!

Storm Ciara and Dennis almost threatened to blow us away. Luckily day care is still standing and the dogs have just been a little extra windswept.


We welcomed our new day care assistant Rebecca to the team this month. 

Rebecca has a great way with the dogs and she has become a firm favourite with some of them already!

We think she’s found her new favourite breed…


Last Monday we had a visit from dog trainer Phil, of Hide & Go Sniff (https://scentwork-norfolk.com/).

Phil gave us all a fascinating lesson in scent work and we’ve been putting the learning into practice since.

Check out the pictures of the dogs getting their noses right in the cup to sniff the cloves.

It’s amazing how quickly all the dogs take to scent work – their noses are awesome!


We’ve also been playing a lot of “find the treat” in the main pen.

The dogs search the whole area for the little bits of food and get so excited when they find some.

Any activity that engages the dog’s best sense – their smell – is so beneficial for them and a great mental workout!

As well as scent work, we’ve been working on general obedience.

We’ve mainly been practicing our “waits”, keeping still even when the handler leaves the pen, recalls another dog or drops some food.

Gate control has been another focus – making sure the dogs only come through the gate when they are called by name. We can’t have any queue jumpers!

Working on obedience in a setting with other dogs is great – it builds up the dog’s focus on the handler, even when there are so many distractions going on!


There’s been lots of learning this month, but even more play!

There’s never a dull day at day care, and new additions Loki and Nellie have loved joining the gang and playing with all of their new friends!


A special mention to Rufus, who has recently rejoined our smaller group walks after a period of recovery after his leg amputation.

Rufus is doing so well. He’s taking everything in his stride and all of us are so pleased to see him bounce back.


Thanks for reading!