This week at day care we have been using trotting poles to give the dogs an extra workout!

This kind of training is regularly used by horse trainers but dogs can really benefit from it too.

Benefits can include an increased level of strength and endurance, improved coordination and proprioception and learning a more balanced trot.

Regular training of this kind can provide some great health benefits! It’s also low impact and pretty easy to train at home. You’d be surprised at how much of a workout for both the body and mind this is.

Check out Marshall showing off his best trot!


We also use a ladder for a similar purpose and this task teaches coordination and hind limb awareness.

An added bonus is you get some extra practice in on the “wait” command, which Dalma is showing off very patiently here!

It’s not been all work here though, there’s been plenty of play too!
And we had an extra special party for Winston! We think he loved licking the cake even more than he enjoys standing between our legs!