This was “spooky week” at day care and we tried to get in as many Halloween-themed activities as possible.

We started this week with some scent. Hiding treats and doing organised scent searches is one of our favourite activities at day care because it really gets the the dogs brains going – and they’re so happy and calm afterwards!

We also played some paws-on-pumpkins!

This was great fun because pumpkins can be a pretty unsteady surface to balance on. This added a little bit of extra difficulty and meant that the dogs could put into practice some of the balance and coordination work we’ve been doing over the past weeks!

This just goes to show that you don’t always need the fanciest equipment to entertain your dogs and keep them on their toes.

But some of the dogs were definitely more interested in eating the pumpkin than the treats we were training with!
We hope you and your pups all had a great Halloween!