We’ve had a great week at Day Care and we’re trying something a little different here – check out our video to see some highlights of the week!

This week we’ve been focusing on balancing and conditioning work.

Balancing on unstable objects, putting paws up on rolling objects, or walking along narrow platforms are all great exercises for your dogs.

These tasks help to build muscle strength, improve coordination and increase confidence.

All the dogs did really well and the exercise ball is definitely a big hit – luckily we managed to keep Marshall from bursting it!

We were also working on balance and “paws on” in the main pen. Zoe and Daisy are both super confident and eager to please!

We welcomed Jeffrey to Day Care this week. He’s an absolute character and has the best ears ever!

He showed us what he’s capable of straight away and even managed to get all four feet onto the exercise ball and balance there, albeit briefly!

We can’t wait to see what the dogs will show us next week!