It’s been a wet and windy week at Day Care, but the dogs don’t seem to mind!

What better way to warm up after a cool morning walk than an obstacle course and some agility?

This week we’ve been focusing on going through tunnels and hoops. The dogs have got it down!

We’ve also been working on agility in the main pen.

Gap jumping (jumping between two objects without touching the floor in between) is a great parkour move to try at home.

Training this should be built up slowly. Start with platforms at a low height, close together and use large objects for your dog to land on.

Once you are certain your dog is capable of gap jumping you can slowly move obstacles further apart, raise them further up from the ground, or decrease the surface area for your dog to land on. Remember to only change one variable at a time and don’t make it too difficult too quickly!

All of this increases a dog’s confidence, coordination and strength and can be pretty impressive!


There have also been a few new additions to the Perfeq Pets gang this week.

Jasper, Dalma and Zoe all came to join us and fit in straight away! We’re super happy to welcome them all to day care!

We’ve had an awesome week and we can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for reading!