It’s been a busy week at Perfeq Pets! 

Planning is currently underway for some upcoming adult dog social skills parties. Our puppy party was so much fun – we’re looking forward to hosting more parties in the future!

We started off the week with some simple target training. Teaching dogs to touch a specific body part to a small target is a great exercise for loads of reasons.

Target training requires the dog to think without just being lured into position by food and it helps to boost confidence in unsure dogs.

This technique can be developed into much more complex training – like teaching dogs to locate contact zones during agility!

You can see Bella is a pro at this!

Target training then progressed to whole body targeting. 

Toby had some help from his older Labrador friends to work this out!

Some new friendships formed this week.

Ned and Marshall are now best pals. An unlikely pairing considering Ned is one of our smaller dogs and Marshall is one of our biggest, but they get on so well!

Hobson and Logi are another great pair. They would probably play tug together all day if they could!

On Friday we set up an obstacle course that we’ll make use of throughout next week – Stanley was back and showing all the dogs just how its done with an almost perfect run! 

We also had a little Whippet party to celebrate Gus’ 3rd Birthday, complete with birthday hats and dog cake!

Happy Birthday Gus from all of us at Perfeq Pets!