October has suddenly come around and there’s definitely a feeling of Autumn in the wind. That hasn’t phased us though, we’ve had an awesome week at day care!

This week we’ve been working on group obedience in the main pen. We’re teaching dogs to sit and wait patiently for their turn to get a treat, while they give us that all important eye contact. We think they’ve all got it down pretty well, although Bella the springador puppy has maybe a little too much spring! 

We also welcomed Ned to day care this week and he immediately fit in. He’s such a character – we all love a terrier!

As the weather got wetter throughout the week, some of the dogs got a little muddier on the morning walk. Dexter likes to stand up on his back legs and show us just how muddy!


Dogs are now starting to go through their autumnal shed so the brushes were out in full force this week.

Jethro had absolutely no complaints. Look at his face!

 This week in the training pens we’ve been playing scent games.

Hiding treats is a great way of engaging a dogs natural instincts and is both rewarding and tiring for them.

Wanda is a pro at finding cheese!

There will be a future blog post about the best way to do scent work with your dogs and how to level up their nose skills, so keep an eye out.

Thank you for reading!